Sunday, October 11, 2009

...if I could find the damned cable.

I have a camera.  It's a decent camera, despite my tendency to not pick up anything more than the bottom end of electronics.  However, that cable I need to connect it to my computer has gone missing.  I've got 5-6 cables that are for connecting small devices like cameras.  I have one for an old and broken camera.  I have one for a cheap pink shit camera that I picked up for my daughter.  And I have a couple cables that I'm not sure what the fuck they go to (and trust me, I am that good at finding cables.

Thus I'm limited in both downloading the pics I've captured, and documenting the progression of my mess wrangling, as well as seeing if I can turn said camera into a webcam, as the pos webcam I have sucks.  I've seen pinhole camera porn made by awkward-ass teens that are gleefully making their first and worst fuck vid loook a thousand times better than the blurfest my crapcam does.  And of course, it was the cheapest piece of shitty shit I could waste money on.

This comes to mind because I've been considering throwing my glowing visage, perverse and broad vocabulary, and insanely rapid patter onto the YouTube so that you can listen to and watch my ass (not literally) rather than have to slog through my excessive verbiage.  I don't know if it will save me time, but I've resigned myself to the fact that the secret to getting a name out there is to turn your video viral.  And I have a perverse ego to feed (and it may (but probably won't) get me laid).

Hell, I suspect my tech will conk out before I can bring all this to fruition.  I tried to start this post and the computer got all locked up for a minute or two.  And since Windows 7 appears to be stable, it's more perplexing yet.  Perhaps it's a nudge from God to stop fucing typing and tackle the clusterfuck that is the bedroom. 

Of course, first I have to tackle the table.  I managed to get a pot roast just right, but failed to impress those children of mine, as they have yet to have taste buds.  The gravy was spot on, yet it got rejected.

*pause to check a cable and piss*

But I'm here in my bedroom now, with it partially organized, and I'm trying to figure out where the cable went.  I have stacks of paper, patch cables galore, splitters, adapters, and the ability to wire most anything out there.  I've got three extra keyboards in a milk crate beside me, alongside a dead laptop, a shitty router, a microphone older than my, and a few other various pieces of electronics.  I've even got the turntable and accompanying vinyl back in here.  Yet for all the crap, I'm missing stuff.  Of course, this extends far beyond simple things such as the cord for that camera, but said cable would be a start. 

Because another day burned away with little accomplished other than a damned morning meeting.  On the plus, it gave me a reason to rocket down the backroads in the morning light with Green Day's opus American Idiot blasting at full volume while I'm hitting the vocal marks spot on.  That, coffee, and donuts tends to get me going.

But upon returning home, rather than having the juice to rock out with my cock out (figuratively because of the kids), I find myself back where I started.

So let's see if I can find that fucking cable....


  1. I couldn't find the cable once for my still camera and then I found it and was able to download the pics and all, then next time I needed to get the videos off my video camera, couldn't find the cable, then did. Long story short, after this happening a few times I realized it was the same cable I was using for both.

  2. Is it alllllllllllll about the ego, Patrick? Is that all it really is?

    You realize if you go to video blogging I'll have to give up on you, right? Cause of the sattelite and the download limits and all that...

    But you go on and do what's best for you... snif..

  3. Beth: If only it was that simple. My cable is long gone, and unless it's hidden in a nook or cranny I have yet to check (and I've about checked all of them), it's a lost cause. Besides, I broke down and ordered one (cheap).

    Saty: You needn't worry about me burning up the bandwidth. If i get it going , it's going to be under the 10 minute YouTube limit, and it may only be a once-a-week thing (because I'll have to add some production value).

  4. If you bought another one and it was cheap, what are you bitching about??

  5. Because it wasn't free, because I have buckets of other cables, and because I'll find the right cable after my new one comes, thus negating the reason to get it in the first place.

  6. And you just like to bitch, right?

  7. especially when I find the right cable after I get the new one.


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