Tuesday, October 27, 2009

...after I got the blogs organized.

With the unleashing of this blog, I felt the need/desire to clean up SPD a little bit, mainly clearing the old blogs and deadweight from the blogroll.  In that, I took a couple of blogs that are really not about politics (Dmarks' Throwawayblog and Arthur's Arga Warga) and move them to my non-politics blogroll.  So give them a try if you haven't done so because you found them all mixed in with the politics.

To that I added the hot new favorite, People of Wal-Mart.  Scary thing, I have at least 2 pics (both cars, thank Me) that are definitely from around here (and the one on the right I KNOW where the place that rented that piece of shit out is).  It's pointless and accurate and very much what ices the cake when you go into the glorious belly of the beast.

My final addition is not a new one to mentions, but with this blog being much about me and my life, it calls for the addition of Free-Range Kids.  For a lazy-assed parent like me, it works.  Plus, I don't want my kids to be complete pussies.

Speaking of which, I began trying to put together costumes tonight.  I'll have to work on the boy as he is quite as uninterested as always.  I'd do him up as a Padawan, but the lightsaber would probably violate some dumb-ass zero tolerance law.  On the other hand, a pair of fairy wings and some purple hair extensions, and one of the younglings is all excited and shit.

Real plus, I flipped on to TCM, and found the 1982 classic Poltergeist.  I got the kids bedded before the movie got too intense (except for the boy-eating tree part).  But, they've seen my ass,so not much else can scar them.  I was impressed by the Star Wars swag in the one kid's bedroom.  I saw shit that I had when I was his age (and I was that age when the movie came out.  All in all, the movie holds up. 

Now if I could just find a scary movie or two....

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  1. Boys are a pain in the butt to buy/make costumes for. I say buy because I can't sew for crap! (being very nice here)

    My little guy bought some kind of Star Wars guy (you'd probably like it) and my older one bought a kinda scary clown, not that they aren't all scary! Have fun with it!


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