Monday, October 19, 2009

...the desk is emptier.

One thing I have learned is that I'm an epic procrastinator.  Right now, I'm paying for that.  I finally got into the clearing of my desk.  The result is that I'm finding things are messier on the paperwork front than before.  A simple example (partially due to some acquisition of my shit by the Succubus):  I'm having to get copies of birth certificates.  I had to mail off for mine (as I was born a few hours away), so that was $20 plus 2 stamps (1 for a self-addressed stamped envelope).  And the magnicifent Auglaize county is going to smack me for $22 for a copy of each of the younglings' certificates.   So there's $64 I don't have.  Another situation is brewing this weekend, as I'm a little out on the babysitter front (it's hard to work with two kids, especially when you have to be on the phone).

But I'm good at pulling miracles out of my ass (although I'm going to run out one day.

But there are positives.  Once I get the desk situation under control (I was slowed down today due to equipment malfunctions), then I can get some other things in the pipes to bring in some money.  I also got the energy to dig into my pantry.  Half a box, half a stick, and one bag later, Rice Krispy Treats!

This takes me back to simplicity.  Simplicity is kind of something that I have lost in the speed I function, with a TV and a computer and two rugrats running at a gazillion miles an hour at the same time.  It's probably why on days I don't work, the headaches come.  It's why I end up overwhelmed on a weekly basis by something on the homefront (while the external pressures don't even faze me).  It's probably why I started this day at 8AM (and the kids get on the bus around 8:12 (yeah, it was a fast start)).

So now I just need to get fired up and get back to work since the kids are in bed.  Although having to deal with the controlled chaos of the kids kind of leaves me with little energy to continue.  It's far too easy to sleep.  Especially when another constructive use of the quiet hours would also be to exercise the fat off my ass.

But alas, something else beckons....

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  1. My blog wasn't picking up your new posting at this blog, but I should have known you wouldn't be so long between postings!


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