Thursday, October 22, 2009

...after much procrastination.

The advantage of going to work is that it both structures my day tightly that I get the hours used productively.  In addition (and ironically) it also affords me the option of time to punch out some blog posts.

I had let SPD sit with Monday's Asshat of the Week post until today for that very reason, despite having an idea for a follow-up post about the demonization/deification of political figures, thus losing any perspective a real person brings to a discussion.  I may get around to writing it.  I know I have seen something about it on other blogs not too long ago. 

But I was simply too busy between running around trying to get shit done in the morning, and enjoying time with the kids for the rest of the days (because it was warm enough for shorts!).  So I slacked, because it was going to take some application of my ginormous brain power, which was in seriously short supply after the mad scramble that was only resolved by having to argue with the Succubus (who, for some reason, doesn't want to see her children despite weak-assed text messages to the contrary).  Hell, I'm still fighting that battle with her.  I've got a few ideas for the long-term, but as long as I'm working weekends, the problem will continue. 

In fact, my brain has been far enough out of things that I've neglected both the news and the blogroll.  The only blogs I even got to were ones that were dropping links to Facebook (on which I only spend a couple of minutes, so I'm not joining a damned game!).  and the worst part is that I forgot about today until today.

Today, Windows XP officially becomes the old operating system.  Vista, the unholy love child of Bill Gates and diehard Windows ME users, is now relegated to the scrapheap of OS's that should have never been.  And as soon as I can get a legit release copy, I'll be reloading my laptop with what has proven (in release candidate form) to be the best thing since sliced bread (or Win98 SE or XP SP2): 

Windows 7

Now I'm not one to flog any of Microsoft's shit, because I'm not a fan of near total market domination by overpriced and sucktastic programs (Microsoft Orifice, Idiot Exploder, etc) when there are all kinds of open-source free things that do the job as well or better (I think that's the Google model).  But when you get shit right out of the box, it's worth a congrats.  My two previous beloved OS's were patched to be made right.  (98's Second Edition, and XP after Service Pack 2).  But as I have mentioned in other places, I've been running the release candidate of 7 on my laptop for lack of another option initially.  Even with a couple glitches (inevitable in a pre-release), it has outperformed my XP computers with ease.  So if you're running Vista (which almost runs right now), ditch the bitch and get the upgrade if you can afford it.  I've got about 4 months before I have to (or come up with a *shudder* Vista disk).

And I already miss the sun.  After last week's cold/cloudy combo, it kind of made yesterday too damned nice.  So nice that I enjoyed it rather than sitting here blogging about it.

Of course, since it's that time of day, it's time for me to go home rather than salivate about a new 7 installation....


  1. I don't know what the big deal is about one OS over another.

    I think it's probably because I'm not a tech head and I really don't care about either the nuts or the bolts as long as my computer does what I ask it to do.

    But I'm glad for ya.

  2. Well, to answer your question: Your OS is the foundation on which EVERYTHING on your computer interacts. A bad OS can cause lots of little things to not work correctly, including program incompatibility.

    An example: my sister uses an appraisal program in her work. That program does NOT like Vista. It probably won't like 7 either, as it's a bitchy program (I fried her computer while fighting spyware because one of the programs I usesd (Spybot S&D) does not like that either. I had some issues with the release candidate and one of the antivirus programs I tried. And some programs won't work with older OS's.

    From what I've read, if you're having no issues and you have Vista all patched (which is what I think you have), you won't notice a lot of changes if you upgrade. If you have XP and can upgrade (I can't) however, it's well worth it.


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