Friday, October 9, 2009

...another damned blog? Are you cracked?

This kind of takes me back to the formation of my first blog, Sane Political Discourse.  When I began churning out SPD in near anonymity, it was mainly because I wanted to stretch my writing muscle.  Of course, between stretching that and other parts of my anatomy (the big reason most web browsers have a privacy/porn mode), I started sharing some of my personal life.  I did that mainly because it helped explain why I reached my conclusions.  Some people got it, and some missed it.

But I noticed something was missing.  To keep the blog somewhat on my stated purpose, I had to try to relate shit to a political, philosophical, or religious point.  And there were a few posts that strayed a little, but I stayed on topic for the most part (despite some whiny wingnuts and moonbats going goofy because I didn't put their required position/dick in my mouth).

But I like talking about whatever shit comes to my mind.

Now the first reaction would be to go to Facebook (where I am probably going to link this blog) and pour it out there.  But the problem with Facebook, as well as Twitter, is the space available to do so.  As you noticed,  I'm one verbose motherfucker (with a proclivity for use of the word fuck).  In the political blog, this can sometimes take away from serious points (which is why I self-censor use of that language for the most part on SPD (really, I do)).  But here, since I'm just talking shit about my shit, your shit, and shit in general, I can say shit as much as I want.  And shit.  So up goes the blog.

Now there are three inspirations for what I'm going to do here.   First is director Kevin Smith.  I spend a little time now and then peeping his shit.  One of his things is his blog, My Boring Ass life.  It's kind of cooled down now, but if you were to make a book out of it (and he did (and I bought the fucking thing)), it makes for a good read.  Most of it is a day-to-day enumeration of watching movies, eating, shitting, boning, etc....  Wanting to produce something where I could talk daily was one of the original motivations for SPD.  You know that story.

Then there's fellow blogger, and pain in my ass, Satyavati Devi Dasi.  One of the things that kind of surprised me is the friends I found when I got to the blogging, from my first visit to Dee's Conservatism with Heart (where I first found Satyavati, by the way), to every liberal blogger I seemed to stumble across, it's been a rich tapestry of ideas that get flung at me.  The non-political shit, of course stays off the political blog.  Not here.  And considering the length of exchanges we've had (from the politics, religion and philosophy, to the practical necessities of drug addics, the perversions of a thousand pervs, and the minutia of daily life, I think I've already lost assloads of great materials and stories.  Not gonna pass that up.

The third comes by way of Satyavati. A blog called Death's Door, the view from the Spanish announcers table.  The author of this blog was dead less than two months before I started blogging.  She pointed me to this blog last night, which was just spectacular for how it was written, being descriptive, and smooth in storytelling, and a purified use of the word mothafucker.  Gotta respect that.

It was after that, and after I dragged my ass to bed with the remnants of a headache (which I beat, but was cursed with the insomnia that a slight doze (interrupted by those kids that were running around, necessitating my waking back up so I could put them to bed) always created) that the idea for this blog popped into my head.  Luckily, you can create a blog in less than five minutes, so.....

Now the blog's look will be changing from the time I write this to the next post, because I have just started working on it.  And I still have a house to clean.  It's become a little more important now, because I have a damned mandatory meeting on Sunday morning, and my mother's coming over.  More on her later, but I really don't want to have to hear THAT speech.

Ok, I'm out of here, because I have to get the house cleaned, the kids beaten (for whatever reason) and the blogs fixed up.  And that's not counting a parlaying of my copious writing skills into some money, due to the nature of the universe necessitating cash to keep the cable modem on.

Fuck, this was a longer post than I planned on..... 


  1. You don't sleep much, do you??

  2. Usually 6-7 hours a night. It's just nights where I stay up late that good stuff comes out. 5 hours is a sane minimum.

  3. I am so going to cry.

    This is so much better than AOTW. Which I have never got.


  4. I am just impressed that with all you've got going on that you have time to maintain two relevent blogs while I barely keep up with my one.

  5. Saty: I'll give you AOTW one of these days. I just have to find a reason.

    Beth: SPD is some work. This one will be just me typing whatever comes to mind when I feel like it. The only problem is that the ideas come a whole lot faster than I can type.


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