Friday, October 9, 2009

..and since it's a Friday during football season...

Something I've noticed is that I get stuck in horrendous ruts.  Of course, when you're juggling younglings with a bedtime, and going out is not an option, both financially and logistically, and I wasn't shit for going out prior to the younglings, or the Succubus*, it's not fucking likely that I'm going to go all social butterfly suddenly.  Besides, I have the Internet, so fuck the people.

(*I've decided this is the name I will give my ex.  And due to the fact that I have two children who may have to deal with their mother, I'll be guarded in what I say, for both their sake and for the legal repercussions.  I think referring to her as a succubus should convey the necessary feelings)

Fridays are a perfect example.  Now that high school football is in season, and having been brought up in St Marys, where football is a religion (you should have seen it when we went to state and won), I have my radio tuned in to football every Friday, pregame starts at 7pm EST (WKKI).  Originally, I started with a plan to sit out by the fire and listen in peace.  The first week, I was interrupted by rain, then the next week by a space shuttle launch (although a fire was possible with the wireless network and the laptop).  And then I got a couple of good weeks, and fires before the next complication.

Of course, that complication was season 2 of Star Wars: the Clone Wars.  The new season started at 8 beginning last week (in the first quarter of the game). Naturally since it's a half-hour show, football gets shelved. The great thing is that I have at least 1 1/2 of the kids (depending on mood) as big fans of Star Wars, which is something I was geared to love when I was that age (I was that young in 1977).  How often does this shit really jump generations?  I can't really think of any shit that my dad was into that I was also fascinated by.  I was too busy rocking the Star Wars.

So since I've got the kids in bed and the game is over (St Marys won), I'm resorting to sitting here typing this out while trying to see the other scores (the local broadcast Christian station has the best coverage for some fucking reason), determining whether tugging one out will relieve the fact that I'm essentially home bound every night, and lack any reason to try to get someone to watch the kids.

Okay, that's enough, I need ice cream before more cleaning, spanking and bed.

Holy shit, my adopted hometown of New Bremen won again this week.  They keep this shit up, they might actually have a winning season....


  1. You don't have a DVR or something to tape Star Wars so you don't miss a game?

  2. Does this layout only keep up one post at a time?

  3. Beth: I have a VCR. Not sure if I have a tape handy. plus, there's the fun of seeing things "live" that gets diminished when you have to wait.

    Saty: still working on the layout. I's'll fixify it.


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