Sunday, October 18, 2009

...I got grooving on vinyl.

It started on Friday, when I took the kids to get stuff to make costumes (I've spent $6.50 so far for BOTH).  Something about getting out really eats into productivity.  I did do the Friday Football Fried Food Meal (chicken, fried; onion rings, battered and fried; zucchini, battered and fried to mush (first time, failed)), although we did abandon football (due to losing teams, a theme that would be repeated through the weekend).  But since I had nothing planned on Saturday, no problems, right?

Saturday comes, and with it the bitch headache.  The problems are many.  First, the headache is there from the minute I get up.  And usually, that getting up involves having to take care of the kids.  What it doesn't include is cleaning (which is already falling behind from Friday.  Fuck beans.  It also is only cured by a nap. Did I mention the kids?  Between one who sits at the computer until he pisses himself (literally), and another who likes to jump on her daddy, and the fact I can't just go completely to sleep (I drift with something over my eyes), it's an iffy proposition.  I did manage to nap a bit after they were lunched.  And I woke up in time to get supper going, although I was groggy.  And really out of it.  Naturally, I did manage a good supper, which

So I get up on Sunday, still dragging from Saturday (I'm unmotivated as fuck when I don't have anything scheduled.  I honestly don't know how the day goes so fast.  But I finally got moving on stuff later in the day, accompanied by the most ancient of recorded media:  vinyl records.

Despite growing up mainly with cassette, then migrating to CD, and despite the proliferation of the MP3 format, I have also been building a collection of records.  I also have an old turntable (just old enough that I need a preamp to feed it to any current electronics (really, you have to have a device that can handle the output from a magnetic cartridge)) on which to spin said albums.  It's really easy to collect if you're up for scouring bargain bins and shit.  So if you're the type that ONLY listens to music on your Ipod, this ain't for you.  Now it may be hard to understand, but there is a warmth in vinyl that you simply can't find in the clean-scrubbed, digitized music.  And compressed shit like the MP3 is fine for getting music really compact, but it's the best way to rape sound quality.  And when I'm at home, I do want quality.

Some highlights of what I had on:  Side one of the self-titled Night Ranger (if Sister Christian doesn't do something, you have no soul).  The In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida side of Iron Butterfly's album, also named In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (which I had never really run through).  From the "I had the album on tape but never replaced it because it was the 90's and there were other CDs to collect" bin, Huey Lewis and the fucking News, Sports (fuck you, I grew up on that shit).  And for dinner (which the kids didn't eat worth shit on again) I broke out an old favorite, The Blues Brothers Soundtrack (why I don't have it on CD, I don't know).

Needless to say, were I alone and cleaning, shit would be done.  Of course, with kids I managed to just about get caught up to where I should have been Friday.  And now that Discovery's got hours of storm chasing (I have a hardon for tornadoes), It'll be a matter of just taking care of odds and ends before bed, and deployment of the younglings for "school time, school time, school time" (at which point I wake my voice and their asses at full volume with the preceding invocation).  And maybe I'll even shave tomorrow and try some video, now that I have my cable (and found the missing one 30 minutes after that).

Of course, that still leaves the pile of shit on my desk to deal with tomorrow.  And time is running out....

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  1. There is some kind of time warp on weekends where the days do go super fast and nothing productive can get accomplished, it's freaky!

    I should dig out some old vinyls and see if the record machine still works, at least give my kids a show!


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