Thursday, November 26, 2009 I spent Thanksgiving.

First off, a little video clip to set the T-day mood.  The whole Q&A can be seen here.

Actually, my family gathered for their Thanksgiving feast on Sunday. The food was good and the day was short, as I woke up when i was supposed to be there, got there an hour late, ate, and then left for work. Of course, considering it's one of those rough patches in family relations, it's for the best.  So that left me the week to get things in order for the big Christmas decoration blitz.  Yesterday I managed to get the kids' room and the living room clean (and even staked out the tree's position), and could probably knock out the dishes and the kitchen in short order had I the energy, motivation, or even gave a shit right now.  But that was important because it set the stage for Thanksgiving day

I got the kids up, bathed, dressed, fed, and shipped off with the Succubus for the whole day. I then struggled briefly with my recording setup (the computer doesn't like the copious volume I produce with the 12-string and the voice) before making a run to the store to get a few things for a T-day meal with the kids on Saturday before going to work.

For eight hours.  On double time (yay).

And I'm not even halfway through it as I type this.  But I can tell you the rest of the day.  I'll get a few easy-ass calls, and at least one person who should try surfing in the tub.  With their computer.  Fully connected and powered.  Bastards.  I'll also probably hit some blogs (which occurred when i paused in writing this post), maybe watch some TV, maybe break out the game.  Then I'll pick the kids up, go home, bed them, then pass out.

And then go through my regular routine tomorrow.

But for Saturday, I have the aforementioned meal planned, as well as the assembly of the Christmas decorations, all to the accompaniment of either my Christmas CD collection (which moved to my car today) or the Christmas playlist, which should now be gracing the sidebar on the right (and the top of SPD as well).  And all on Thanksgiving day, because I'm sitting in front of a computer. 

So have a happy one while I go to heat up a TV dinner....

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