Saturday, November 7, 2009

...worse before it got better.

So I write my post, knowing that I'll have two days without kids, which means two nights of creativity/fun/alone/naked time, depending on my mood/whim/testosterone level.  Good times, right?  I was feeling a little down, but I figured that since the boy was throwing snot and my head was feeling a little chunky, ti was just the allergies fucking in my cabbage patch.

Alas, I get home feeling like dog shit in a flaming bag.

(On a side note, can't wait until i can teach the kids that trick and have a reason to deploy it.)

So I get home after a run to Wal-Mart for any necessities that may arise (pretty shirts for a daughter, including something Tinkerbell, cheese and spinach tortellini, ice cream) to find myself fevery and shivering.  I feel bad enough to soak in a tub, then crawl on the couch by nine to pass out.  I wake up at midnight long enough to strip and crawl into bed where the fun of fever hallucination makes it a crazy-assed set of hours.  I then crawl out about 8:30, still feeling shitty.  I manage to get some food down (pork fat rules when frying eggs and hash browns) and watch some movie, but not much else as I need some energy to work (sort of).  And I'm still dragging a little.  Although I have the energy to write this. 

Of course, all the free time I had just went to shit.

But at least being sick gives me a reason to fuck off.

One advantage of being me is that I don't get that sick.  Sure, I get my bitch headaches from time to time.  I fight allergies and at least a cold a year.  But it's a rare thing that I'm that bedridden.  I can't think of a day of work I missed because I was sick.  And I've gone to work in such condition that I spent much of the time just trying to muster the energy to actually work.  Thankfully, the jobs I've been sick during have been ones where there is an opportunity to sit if necessary.  Right now, I have a desk I can put my head on if necessary.  If I was working from home, I could probably work from bed if necessary.  Although by last night, even my brain wasn't exactly working.

On fever hallucinations, the last couple of nights (and tonight, if the feeling in my eyes is any indication) have been rather messed up.  In a semi-conscious state, my brain was running at full throttle.  I was remembering and living through stuff (I can't remember the specifics).  Imagine hearing half a dozen audio streams, several videos, and a few people talking at the same time, trying to take all of this in at once.  Normally, I can take a lot of information at once.  Last night, not so much.

I just need to burn this shit out of my system so I can get back to the level you've come to expect from the greatness that is me.  Because my head is starting to buzz in a good way again.  That, or the sickness is working its way back in.  Shit.

Now, although it didn't help last night (and ended up on the blanket, I was so messed up), it's time to explore the healing power of ice cream....


  1. Since it sounds like you got the Swine Flu, maybe that is why you craved the pork fat you fried your eggs in.

  2. Imagine hearing half a dozen audio streams, several videos, and a few people talking at the same time, trying to take all of this in at once.

    I deal with that on an irritatingly frequent basis. It can suck, or it can be amazingly entertaining.

    I hope that this passes in a reasonable timeframe for you.

  3. Beth: Don't think it was the swine flu. 1. the kids are more likely to get around someone who gets it before I do and 2. no sex with pigs, so....

    Saty: I thought that would sound familiar to you. The only problem is that this is a rare event, magnified by the sickness. So for you, just quadruple whatever you regularly hear, and that's how bad it was.


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