Tuesday, November 10, 2009

...thankfully, I didn't post until today.

Read on, I'm going to ask for a date by the end of this post.

I occasionally suffer bouts of fun and irrational depression, usually stemming from things that are reasonably depressing.  And I was geared up to chronicle that sadness and shit last night.  Of course, after a couple of hours of yammering abut bullshit with my buddy who is soon to forsake his New Zealand home of a decade and return to the land of his birth (where we'll be in the same damned time zone), as well as discovering some decent Kiwi (New Zealand) bands and burning an hour on YouTube in the bursuit of bad gaming jokes, I kind of got some of that melancholy out of my system.

But not all of it.

Consider my situation, most of which is a combination of my quirky collection of talents, behaviors, and choices (mostly bad).  I have an ideal job that doesn't pay enough in a high-unemployment economy and state.  I have two children, which is both a joy and a constant responsibility.  I have an ex (the ever-vexing Succubus) who is unemployed (no child support), unburdened of children (which was the right thing for me to do), and is getting laid (because she has a vagina and the time to sucker another guy in), and whose presence reminds me of what I don't have.  My social life consists of typing sentences on this computer and posting them on blogs and Facebook (although this is an improvement over past years).  I have a bachelor's degree (in business) that I have practical use for, the debt to accompany it, and no clear career path (because I've switched directions several times, and may finally be getting a bearing on what I do best).  Of course, what direction I can go is severely limited by my responsibilities.

And this is what weighs on my mind as we crawl toward the holidays.

Of course, this creates even more tension with the rest of my family.  More on that later, when more shit hits the fan.

Right now, I have to come up with a lot of things.  One thing I don't have time for is my personal life (beyond the blogs).  Because between the lack of money and utter lack of time, any dating scene I might come up with is non-existent.

So here's where I put the word out:  Someone out there has to know a single woman somewhere close to my age (36), with or without kids, likes the kinds of things I talk about (politics, electronics, minutia, utter perversion), and is also looking for someone and having shit for luck in said process.  Anybody who's read me has a pretty good bearing on who I am, because I don't hold a lot back.

One obvious caveat:  If you're too far away and you don't have any of these single females within driving distance of New Bremen, Ohio, it's much less likely for anything to work.  But if she's got money and likes travel (to the middle of nowhere), then maybe.

So let's see what you can come up with....


  1. Wish I could help, you'd be a great catch! Too bad I'm not single...

  2. Shall I break out the cynicism spork?


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