Friday, November 6, 2009 in malaise.

Since the last time I posted, I've lost track of so much time that I couldn't tell you shit about what happened over the last five days.  I know I got the kids to school on time.  There was an election.  I watched the reboot of V (good enough to keep watching).  I know we had dinner at Wendy's on Tuesday (the Bacon Deluxe rocks!).  And my buddy from New Zealand is in town, and despite 15 years and some bad shit (the short version was that there was youthful indiscretion that ended a friendship, which was mended by time), it's as though we never split, never went on to deal with succubi, produce children, deal with the law, get married, bounce from job to job, and so on, and so forth.

I'd borrow the Forrest Gump phrase "peas and carrots" if it didn't make me sound like I was ready to drop down and take a mouthful of cock.

But for the most part, I'd swear that nothing else happened for hours on end. 

Perhaps it's one of the worse patterns I fall into.  When messy things happen (like the Succubus dropping off the radar in terms of child support), I avoid shit.  In fact, it was only the need to make sure checks written would be covered that motivated me to get back into my finances today.  And there's no good news there.  Meanwhile, another week has gone by that shouldn't have.

But there are a million ideas swimming in my head again, whereas there wasn't shit for the most part for the prior week.  But my challenge is always translating those ideas into something concrete.   The best I've done is the blogs (and if you noticed, I've slacked here). 

So since I don't have the kids (the Succubus is good for something once in a while), maybe I'll get something done....

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  1. It does seem eerie when you haven't written in a while, like maybe your computer exploded, thanks for checking in.


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