Thursday, November 19, 2009

...the limitations in being an open book.

This post began after a long silence after I finally found myself back on after a couple of years (I last visited there with no results in the waning days of the Succubus). Yeah, I finally got my ass to eHorny to see what I could find.  Of course I did so because I spotted that it was a free communication weekend.  But, after getting everything filled out, I balked.  Probably because while I am as open as all fuck out here, I tend to hesitate when there's a chance at rejection (which probably explains the disastrous relationships I end up in.

In fact, it's my disastrous prior relationships that make me hesitant as all shit out.  After all, unlike the past, I have to make any relationship (or even a mutually horny fuck buddy) secondary to my children.  Always.  So I can't get another succubus latched onto my ass (or other throbbing appendages).   Which makes single mothers look better and better to me (because they have the same baggage and bullshit to deal with).

So let me show you what I found, names omitted, and get your opinions.  Both women are at least an hour south (somewhere around Dayton), which means a date will be a significant drive.  Here's the general info:

Match #1
  • Occupation: Customer Service Rep
  • Age: 39
  • Height: 5' 2"
  • Ethnicity: White, non-Hispanic
  • Religion: Spiritual, but not religious
  • Want Kids: No
  • Drinks: About once a week
  • Smokes: About once a week

The one thing xxxx is most passionate about:
  • Music
The most influential person in xxxx's life has been:
  • I have a friend that will not work; therefore lives with whoever will have her that week. Believe it or not, she influences me b/c I do not want to be like her. She keeps me motivated to do what I need to do! :)
xxxx's friends describe her as:
  • Articulate
  • Intelligent
  • Outgoing
  • Funny
Three of xxxx's best life-skills are:
  • Using humor to make friends laugh
  • Continuing to expand my knowledge and awareness
  • Raising and/or caring for children
The most important thing xxxx is looking for in a person is:
  • I need to be with someone who laughs and plays jokes and harmless pranks. I love to havr fun, especially when the joke's on me.
The first thing you'll probably notice about xxxx when you meet her:
  • I would have to say the fact that I'm in a good mood all the time, and that I love my job.
xxxx typically spends her leisure time:
  • I enjoy computer games, playing with the kids, and watching movies
The last book xxxx read and enjoyed:
  • My school book of Constitutional Law. Don't scoff, please! I was very interested in my rights and I learned far more than I ever thought possible.

Match #2

  • Occupation: Management
  • Age: 30
  • Height: 5' 5"
  • Ethnicity: White, non-Hispanic
  • Religion: Spiritual, but not religious
  • Want Kids: No
  • Drinks: A few times a year
  • Smokes: A few times a year
The one thing xxxx is most passionate about:
  • Sports, love football and baseball. My family, music-country and rock.
The three things which xxx is most thankful for:
  • I am thankful for my children.
  • I am thankful for my career. I have a four your Bachelor's degree that I have worked very hard for/
  • I am thankful for my family.
xxxx's friends describe her as:
  • Hard Working
  • Passionate
  • Warm
  • Romantic
xxxx typically spends her leisure time:
  • i love to watch the nascar races, I sponser a family at Christmas time, and I love to lounge and watch the football games.
 Now remember, eHorny matched a whole bunch of other compatibility things up to give me these matches.  And I'm trying to decide still if I want to get in touch with one or both in some way to see what happens.  Of course if I do so, all I have to do is drop the link to this blog and they have my world in view.  And they get to see that I asked readers of this blog which one I should try to contact.

Of course, there's also the option of letting my profile float out there and see if anyone decides to respond.  That's the safe (pussy-assed) option.  Now it's Thursday night, so I have until Sunday night to communicate for free and hope they respond. and we can progress enough to take it off of eHarmony (in other words, I give her my Gmail (which is wholly public).  And it looks like I can do so.

Of course, if I get her to the blogs, she may read and decide to do a runner.  Then it's back to the excessive masturbatory references.  And since I've been this horny since my teen years (where I first developed my inability to score), I've had enough practice.  Maybe I'll get more details of my sexual history another day (although without positions, pics, and gooey descriptions).  In general, I can say I had a good time, mostly, even in the worst of circumstances.  But I'll leave it at that for right now.

I think I've probably said too damned much already....  :)


  1. eHarmony is for normal people...

    You should be looking on: or

  2. Anon: I want normal. If i was rocking a case of Pon Farr...

    Beth: Had I done something, maybe. In other words, no.

  3. Available women aren't going to find you if you don't let them know you are available!


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