Monday, December 7, 2009

...failed miserably in the upkeep of the blog.

Note: All pictures in this post  are from the weekend after Thanksgiving, when we put up all the shiny decorations and I was too damned lazy to post them then.  I finally downloaded them to the computer today, as I am so not a camera person.

I last posted on Thanksgiving or so.  And now, we're already to December 7.  I've taken in plenty of Christmas stuff already (Charlie Brown, The Santa Clause (1 and 2 (fucking Disney)), even the oldest movie version of A Christmas Carol (after watching the Muppet one on DVD)).  And I've streamed a little Christmas music, including a little Messiah work (I have the score as well as the whole thing on CD and can sing a good portion of it). 

As well, I finally got around to watching the classic Casablanca.  It never really rated high on my priorities list because it was an old-assed movie.  But I have spent more time checking out stuff on TCM, and I've been discovering lots of movies that I wouldn't have given a rats ass about a decade ago.  Ask me about the songs in the Christmas playlist, and I'll be able to tell you, when we reach the Judy Garland version of "Have yourself A Merry Little Christmas," that the song comes from the movie Meet Me in St Louis, which has, perversely, been added to my list of holiday movies (and they're running it late night both times this month). Interesting side note, the movie includes in the cast, besides Judy Garland of course, June Lockhart, who appeared in the aforementioned Christmas Carol (uncredited), and is still acting today (I even remember the B5 ep she was in).  Damned circular, my movie watching is...

But back to Casablanca.  I can see why it makes the list of the best movies ever made.  Even with its age, the dialogue still cracks along at what was back then a staggering pace, and today would be respectable of any good dialogue-driven movie.  Too often, the old movies rely on cliche or dated conventions that are humorous in today's jaded pop culture.  Not so here.

That, or I didn't have the energy after the Christmas decorations, on which we commenced on Saturday, continuing into Sunday to finish.  I went with all white lights, some pearl beads, snow garland, and varying pearly, blue and purple balls this year.  And I'm considering a silver and gold theme for next year. One thing I've learned is the value

Of course, the younglings were enthusiastic, but about as much trouble as they were help.  I figure a few more years of training and severe beatings with flaming tinsel will whip their spindly asses into shape.

Yes, I'm a sadistic bastard.  But then again, I have to do something to get the kids ready to walk six miles uphill both ways in blinding snowstorms (and global warming) (in September) to school.  Maybe it'll make them motivated or something.

Other things of note while I was not posting shit.   The Succubus has access to a computer (she sent me email concerning the kids).  I have evidence that that's a bad thing.  

There used to be a day when I could stay up to three AM and get up in the morning.  Not anymore.

I really hate nights in winter because it's one of the rare times I freeze my ass off even with the heat cranked.  Takes all the fun (and (picture-free) nakedness) out of kid-free weekends.

Except on Christmas, snow sucks.

On the computer front, I have a short in my power cord, right at the plug.  If I didn't have it taped, I could see it spark.  I can still hear it if I wiggle the cord.  And it did short the laptop out temporarily today (would be a shit myself situation if I wasn't as good as I am).  But seeing as though I'm typing this post on the laptop, the cord isn't too dead.  Yet.

And as I'm both too broke and too cheap to replace it....


  1. The tree looks good.

    Judy Garland singing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas makes me weep uncontrollably every single time I hear it.

    In fact just thinking about her singing it is getting me all teared up.

    I'm not even kidding.

  2. I'm guessing you've movie. seen the scene in the movie. Because most versions of the song don't capture the sadness of the song, or the fact that it's instinctive to get the misty eye at that time, as it precedes the climax of the central plot of the movie.

    In fact....


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