Thursday, December 31, 2009

...a gray pube for the new year?

I'll be kind enough not to elaborate on the title of this post, other than to comment that I spend enough time on the crapper to be inspired in such ways.

But really, it's a sign of advancing years.  I'm not as old as most of my blogger buddies, many of whom are dealing with more health issues than I (I'm not dealing with shit other than my shitty teeth).

For me, it's more the realization that things don't work like they used to.  This year in particular, I've found my body not wanting to do what I want it to, be it an inconsistent sleep cycle or jumping/bouncing over shit.  And then there's my stiff neck, the easily stirred bitch headaches, and the general lethargy.  I had to struggle like fuck (and take off my blanket) to get up long enough to get the computer fired up.

Needless to say, this means I barely get shit done.

I've been scrolling through the channels since 11 o'clock.  The networks are running commercials.  The cable news channels suck ass.  I'm reduced to watching some motherfucker jump a river or something at midnight on ESPN to usher in the new year.  And considering I usually only stop briefly if at all, I'm nearly at the bottom of things to do on this night.  A couple more years, it's bedtime at 10 (if the boy stops pissing the bed).

I suppose it's inevitable that this happens to people.  I figure there's a point at which everyone hits their prime.  I'm past that already, unless I get something in the world that puts the fire back in me.  It gets to the point that I don't check the blogs, or the email, or any of that shit.  In fact, my Gmail has 17 messages, my Yahoo mail (which tracks comments on my blogs) has 31 messages (although I might not have deleted anything in over a week), and my Hotmail has 24, half of which are junk (and sadly, there are probably even more in the junk mail filter).  Hell, this is the first time today I've even been on the messenger.

 In the end, I'm going to probably go to bed the first hour of the new year, because it's not like I have anything else to do.  Of course, even if I did, I'd be struggling to find someone to watch the kids so I could do something.  Instead, I'm just going to post this and try to get it linked on Facebook while it's still 2009 (I have a couple minutes).

Fuck, I'm feeling old....

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  1. Is staying up all night on New Year's Eve what it means to be in your prime?

    I haven't made it to midnight more than twice in the past 20 years.

    I was asleep last night before nine. It's a Thursday. I don't like Thursdays, I'm tired.

    If this means I'm past my prime, that's a lot of shit. I get up every day at 345 and do what I have to do. I'm not drunk, I'm not high, I'm not engaged in illegal activities and I'm not in imminent danger of losing my life due to something stupid I'm doing. THAT shit was what I was doing when I was "in my prime". Ya think? That qualifies as being in my prime? I have to disagree. If you'd asked me in 1988 where I'd be in 2010 I'd have told you long dead and meant it. I never expected to live past 25.

    It's all relative, Patrick. Really.

    Happy New Year.


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