Thursday, July 22, 2010

...since it's been a month already.

Literally a month.  I checked.  And so much (and so little)  has happened that I don't know where to begin.  So let me take a minute to peruse my post of 6/22 before I do this post on 7/22.

*sounds of incredulity and humor as the prior post is read*

Okay, that was fun.  Let's just do some quick hits to cover the missing moments:

The Succubus finished her state paid vacation (jail) on July 2.  Someone saw her on the street (hooking?) some time after that.  That's all I got there.

Lars, the now-former pseudo-Kiwi, moved from the far side of the world to 5 blocks north of the center of my illustrious universe.  Sweet.

However, I also decided (around the same time) that it was time to move a little closer to the family.  It's only a 10 minute drive I'd be cutting out, but that also happens to be where the babysitter is, which would eliminate most of my driving.

Then, the apartments that were empty began filling and we got new neighbors upstairs.  With preschool kinds.  And a babysitter wife.  Conveniently, this eliminates the problem caused by the departure of the Succubus from the land of the responsible again.

So I'm back to contemplating, and find myself still debating the move rather than fairly certain of the need.  Although it was enough to get my room half cleaned.

And I finally think I might have found the treatment for my headaches.  Naproxen sodium, 660mg, which, being something I was relatively new to trying, I had not yet exceeded the maximum dose on the bottle (440mg in an 8-12 hour period).  Unfortunately, I discovered it on the last 3 pills I had.  But it did successfully kill a mounting headache.  Sweet as my salsa.

Speaking of the salsa, let me lay down my recipe.  It's my own recipe, based on all the salsas I've had, with some tweaking and guessing. Note I can eat this over several days, and kind of forget to eat anything else....

2 pounds of tomatoes (whatever's cheapest, of course)
1 to 1 1/2 cup onion (because I don't really measure, almost all numbers from here out are guesses)
1 cup peppers (at least three varieties, including bell, a mild or sweet, and a hot)
1 apple, peeled (not a typo, I put an apple in it.)
1 tbsp dried cilantro (although fresh would be better)
1 tbsp lime juice
1tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp cumin
couple pinches of salt

I chop then spin all the ingredients in a food processor to fine particles, mix them, let them sit a day.  Then I just eat it.  I've already polished a bowl off before lunchtime.

I've also learned the value of twitter, because I can read through it fast.  So if you're not tweeting, I'm probably missing something.  Especially since it's been a while since I checked my email.

But between the normal summer slumber, the kids, and a political situation in which there is no discourse (although I need to get a post up there one of these years), it's just been a season of avoiding.

Even the masturbatory references....

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