Tuesday, June 22, 2010

...re-forming Edivon as the Sccubus is shipped off.

Parts of the title will not be explained in this post as that would take another entire post (and because a little mystery makes things interesting).  And since I've already cleared all my email, dropped two posts on SPD, and gotten through the blogrolls, as well as mowing the lawn and wrangling the rugrats as usual (from the piss-soaked bed to the making said bed and getting them tucked), AND since it's after midnight, this is about all you're getting.

The coolest thing in the world right now is that my buddy Lars (who has guest posted on SPD a couple times and who's blog, Surreal Life Geek (currently dead due to his relocation (now that I want to link you (you dumbass ( :) ))) is in my blogroll) has forsaken his adopted home of New Zealand and relocated his pseudo-Kiwi ass (and his genuine Kiwi wife) back stateside. I have no expectatinos other than shit will get geekier. Back when we were (hetero) dicking around in high school, the geek thing didn't do much for the ladies. Now, with geek being cooler, it probably still won't do dick for me. On the plus, based on my dating experience since then, that won't be a bad thing.

The biggest advantage is that with much of my brain running dry, getting together with someone with whom I've always clicked with and has always inspired copious ideas (and dick and fart jokes) may mean that I could get some energy and some new material (and kill any chances of making mistakes of the female persuasion (which I'm good at)).

Speaking of said mistakes, I managed to track down the Succubus. When she sent me (and the kids) a letter. Which I won't read them. Because it's a letter from jail.

I did hop on to the sheriff's site, looked her up. She was booked for the domestic violence, but she's still in because it violated her probation (which she got from her DV conviction involving me). And based on the Ohio Revised Code, with a second conviction on charges, as well as the probation issue, she's looking at a felony.  And the judge she goes before is very popular with the voters and despised by anyone who ends up standing before the bar as a defendant.  Oh, and with that felony, the mandatory is six months.

Long story short, she's going to be shipped off.  Like both of her brothers

I will say that it is a sad situation.  Despite my justified anger, it's sad, really.  Because this is the person I'll be dealing with for another decade.  So I'm going to find myself trying to help her where practical.  Because my children don't deserve to put up with a nutcase with violent tendencies for a mom.  And the fact that's what they have now is partially my fault.  So where I can, I'm going to try to reverse the damage. It may not be much, but I'm going to outline a few things I'll probably talk to her about (leaving out some specifics for privacy purposes).

But I'll get into unscrambling the omelette when I'm not ready for bed....

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