Monday, March 1, 2010

...not sure if this actually belongs on the political blog.

As you all know, I have both this blog and a political blog.  On this one, on the right, I have a cute little Digsby app that lets people talk to me when I am online.  On SPD, I have sitemeter.  And I noticed that someone was dwelling on the personal blog for hours today.

The digsby app happens to list the IP address, in this case,  I looked it up.  it belongs to the U.S. Department of Labor/Employment Standards Administration.  Go ahead and look it up yourself.  Now other than a fan of mine working there, I can't see any reason someone in the government would be checking out my discussion of the future of my kids, or my masturbatory preferences, or any of the weird shit I talk about.   So I said hi, ID'd where they were browsing from, taunted them a little in my friendly way.  No response, although they logged off shortly thereafter.

So I popped open sitemeter, and found this entry from today.  Yep.  Same person, most lkely, this time on the political blog.

A couple notes I gathered.  They were looking at today's AOTW post, where I hammer Sen Bunnings and decry that we are becoming too dependent on the federal government.  The computer is running Windows XP.  The poor bastard is forced to use IE6, which generates a shame banner on the page suggesting that the user get a browser made in the 21st century.  And hopefully they do, because they clicked to my tech post on this site.

Not that it's groundbreaking, just interesting.

And I hope I can figure out who the person was....


  1. Did you know about this?

  2. Beth: It's something that's bound to happen when politics enters into the fray. I might have to look at this a little more and move this subject over to the political blog.


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