Saturday, March 20, 2010 then I turned on C-Span.

I've been shoving the kids outside the past week as the temperatures got up to the 60's.  And as my daughter would be getting a bike for her birthday, she got it over a week early so she could enjoy it while the weather was good and I had days off.  The best part was that it meant I could break out the shorts (which I am wearing) and open the windows (noting the salubrious effects of fresh air).

And while I lost an hour of sleep last week and had a morning this week where I woke up late (giving me 15 minutes to take two kids from sleep to the bus (and in which I succeeded)), the effects of more daylight are starting to wake up what is an increasingly creaky body.  Now if the sunlight would do something about my tooth mess, it would be wonderful.

I know I have at least 3 cavities remaining.  I also have my remaining wisdom tooth, which is in need of prying out, because there's less than half that tooth remaining.  And for some reason, after getting the worst cavity filled, it triggered several teeth into hypersensitivity to hot and cold.  And since this encompasses everything I eat and drink, I've been hitting the Orajel hard.  Actually, it's funny to watch me suffer, I'm sure.  Of course, if you do so while I'm in agony, I'm going to punch you.

But this is the second weekend in a row I have to work (with the following two being work free).  So I got to unload the kids to the Succubus, then proceed after work to do some birthday/Easter/general shopping.  I still have the birthday shopping to finish.

But I did get another game which will suck many hours out of the night, Fallout 3.  Strangely, I have the original incarnation of the game, with install for Windows 95/DOS (which Windows 7 really doesn't like).  Not the oldest game I have, nor the oldest game of which I have a modern incarnation (that would be the Ghostbusters game from the prior blog), nor even the oldest game in my pc game collection (I have some old AD&D computer games circa 1988), or even that download of Wasteland (which occupied many an afternoon with my buddy and now fellow blogger Lars in front of his old Commodore 64 and gave us the immortal line of "the force stopped you, you hozer"), which was a precursor of the world of Fallout.

My daylight hours however are engaged in following the final days and hours of the debate (note: if you want to talk about the substance or politics, hop over to my political blog) by watching debate on C-Span.  And the night will belong to a good ending in Washington (Fallout 3 is set in post-nuclear DC).

But in no way will I be messing with anything involving college basketball.  Fuck the NCAA tournament, fuck all 64 team, fuck the whole boring-ass sport, as it sucks ass.  It's more boring than a 2-hour air-masturbation session: no contact, no nakedness, no arching ropes of jism or soiled anything.  It is among the list of sports I participated in when I was a kid, but even in the ranks of the Catholic school, I was the worst of players.  Of course, considering I never really found a sport I was good at (soccer was banned in my day, due to the potential interference it could cause the sacred sport of football), I'm not really a fanatical sports fan anyway.  But I can watch some sports and not be bored to tears instantly.   And I've followed most major sports at some time.  But basketball, never.  And that's despite the fact that the only ball I could produce from my inventory to play a game would happen to be a basketball, which I got back in my RadioShack days and bears the logo of the IBM Aptiva.  Yeah, the ball is a decade old but doesn't show the wear of a decade, as it hasn't gotten much use.

Ok, I've got 45 minuted of work left.  My sleep is messed up because I woke up at 11:30 this morning.  And the wastes await for an intrepid me to explore (maybe after a little manual self-exploration).

And on C-Span, the politicians drone on....

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