Sunday, February 28, 2010

...then it wouldn't turn over at all.

The wearying thing about the weekly snowstorms is that it makes the outside way to inhospitable.

Unfortunately, my children are at an age where they are big enough to run around and cause fun and righteous chaos, but are still small enough that I can't set them loose outside in the middle of winter to freeze their asses off a while without going out to shatter my nipples with them.  And just when the weather is conducive to going out (sunny-ish, above freezing) I either have to work, or they are off to their mother's for the weekend.

But I did get out on Saturday, due to running out of coffee.  And there, in the coffee shop, with my laptop sitting at home and only a pad of paper and a lot of coffee in my veins, two things occurred to me.  The first, a writing project, is kind of in the beginning stages, so I'm not going to share much on it yet, other than it's something that is more oriented toward the political than the fictional, where most of my pre-blogging days were invested.  As with many projcets in the infant stages, it may come to nothing.  So that's why I'll lean toward a more silent approach for now.

The second was a revelation of my future.  They were having a dress up party for little girls there.  Little girls around my daughter's age.  And I have a daughter that's into the dress-up.  In fact, a few of the days in the last week or two, she started pulling stuff out of her closet, and was demanding some nail-painting fun.  The sad part is that I was checking out all the mothers coming in.  They were all married, of course.  Every one I checked.  And one guy.  Probably married, but I wasn't checking out guys, especially not in a tiny village such as this.

But other than that foray, I had the pleasure of spending lots of quality time at home alone by myself.  Most of  it was not spent getting to know myself better, though.

But one flaw in the plan was that I didn't get out to get cheese.  So I meander out to the car with time to spare, only to run into a mess.  First, I went to start it, it caught, and I accidentally let it die.  Then it was turning over fine, but wouldn't catch and start.  Now I have been having a problem in extreme humidity or cold with it starting, so I got out and tried prodding the engine to see if I could find the problem (which has annoyed me a couple winters so far).  THEN the bastard wouldn't even turn over.  I could hear a clicking, but not a single crank of the engine.  I poked and prodded wires to no avail.  Finally,  Ithrew a heater on it in the hopes that would rescue it and went in to work.

A couple hours later, my dad called back (as I had called him because I would need the car later if I was to pick up my children) and suggested throwing the car on a charger.  So I threw the charger on.  But I had already made calls to arrange someone else (their mother, who I managed to get hold of) to get the kids home.  Finally, on my break, I went out to give it a last try.  Of course it roared to life far too late.  But at least I have the opportunity to stay at home and have their mother bring my children home.  Yay.

Tomorrow, I get to go check on what could have gone wrong.  Maybe I'll be lucky and it'll just be a battery.  Then I get to drive to work, due to some issues with a caller.  I'll spare you the details and my cursing of the whole bastard situation until I have something to report.

I've got another hour left now to be on the clock, so maybe I can't have anything else go wrong....

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