Wednesday, February 3, 2010

...then comes the next shit sandwich.

Darkness and death and pain and misery and suffering and loneliness and bitterness and hate have come to my world again.

Of course, this is a tradition thing.  I celebrate the approach of the ever-hated Day of Darkness (Feb 14, also  referred to as V-day) by glorying in all things miserable.  I ban all filthy lies about love in music, all movies that try to deceive us, all affectations and symbols of the evilness.  Even when they put the candy on sale after the celebration of hate, I let it rot (and I buy post-season candy like a bastard).  Because I realized a long time ago, after years of having my heart shat on, that the day is a lie.  And if you're a silly son of a bitch like I was and you invest any hope in anything happy coming from the day, then you're looking for fate's proverbial nutshot.

So while I may generally lament the state of my love life (or lack thereof without porn mode), this is a celebration of having your still-beating heart ripped out and held in front of you until you die, cold and alone.  Screaming and pain be with you!  :)

One exception to the ban:  Groundhog Day.  True, the movie falls into the "romantic comedy" category and the day falls inside the veil of darkness, but as it is a movie about the day, and stars Cousin Bill (not an actual relation, but if you value comedy and share a last name, wouldn't you claim Bill Murray?) who's funnier than most all the rest of the world, it's an exception I definitely make.  For years, I've scoured TV to find it playing on the day only to be disappointed.  So I broke down and bought it last year.  So I finish watching the movie last night, and with the end credits playing, I start to move down the dial and (no surprise) find it playing with maybe half an hour remaining.  Craptastic.

But that's not the worst of the things that have bent me over and dared to use powdered glass as lube.  The latest crisis is another work schedule change.  In this case, it's a shift back to the second shift.  You'd think that with the current economic mess, no one in their right mind would give up a relatively easy job.  But there are two people leaving.  And since I was last to move to first, I'm first to be booted back.  Of course, since I moved to first, I swapped daycare (and my old provider was quitting).  And my new (old) hours aren't ones that work with the new daycare, which is about a mile away (which eliminates gas and drive times and enables working at home).  So now, I get to scramble for a provider in St Marys (because there's one here in Bremen I can afford, and they close at 6 (and I work until 8ish), because then I can justify driving back home.  But if the only person I can find is in Wapakoneta (where the office is located), then I get to work at home only every other weekend.  Shit.

And then there's my financial mess, which is something I won't talk about here.  Suffice it to say that if a stupid mistake can be made, I'll make it.  Somehow I always manage to squeak by, though.  But we'll see.

On the plus, I do have the computer up with Windows 7, and sweet is the only word I need say....

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