Sunday, January 9, 2011

...redoing the layout on the other blog and other misadventures of weekends alone.

Since we got into the Christmas rush, I really haven't had a weekend off.  Partially, this has been good, as weekends tend to be less productive. 

Take this weekend.  Other than the editing of the 3x2cast and working (the reason I'm home all alone by myself), I haven't got shit done (other than following the attack in Tucson.  Between screen time and old-school RPG'ing (yeah, getting my geek on big time) with hetero life-mate Lars the Pseudo-Kiwi, I didn't even get my usual sit on my ass TV time. 

Although TV time is more streaming-based since I ditched all but the budget cable (mostly shit I could get with an antenna).  And when it gets warm enough I can dick with an antenna, out goes the budget cable. 

To be honest, between the cold and the time I waste, I hardly feel like masturbating more that twice a day (as though I'd let a post go off without some reference to my personal time).

But today, after a marathon of calls where I can't fix the problem (an non-outage outage or two (read as: shitty customer service)), I'll get the younglings, sled them until they freeze, then come home and make extra-meaty chili....

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