Sunday, January 17, 2010

...then I swapped the wires.

I had thought, at the time I took a break from blogging at the end of 2009, that I'd be fully recharged and ready to blog like a motherfucker.  Not surprisingly, and unfortunately, I haven't found the energy to churn out quite the volume of bloggage I had intended. Partially this was because I tend to spend a lot of time curling up to stay warm when it gets nipple-hardening and ball-icing cold out.  Also, the fact that I was getting worn out dealing with kids, getting them ready for school, then the babysitter, then getting them home after work.  In fact most of my blogging occurs at work because at the preschool age, the kids are all about time suckage.

Add to that the controversy of SPD's AOTY post.  I'll post more on the psychology at some point (I had planned to earlier this week, but...), but it was the fact that I was reminded that some  people can't differentiate between friendly mockery and real hard-assed attack on principle.  For me, there has always been a separation between arguing the politics of a situation and having fun at the expense of people (mostly myself (and mostly my little friend)).  It's one reason I created this blog, so I could talk about my shit (and the shit that really bothered me) and leave the politics (and political bullshittery) to SPD.  Sadly, I've become more a topic of conversation than the place for that conversation.  And my best week for blog hits was the one with the fewest posts.  Add to that the end of friendship over stupid shit, and it's unmotivating as fuck.

Thankfully, I've got my buddy Lars on board from the beautiful island nation of New Zealand (at least until he returns permanently to the States (as in be afraid, moterfuckers!!!)) to churn out a little SPD postage, which means I can miss a few days and not have an empty blog.  And we're working on the possibility of a podcast to add (either here or SPD. or maybe a new place, depending on the content) as well as my desire to get some YouTube goodness starring me (as soon as I get a decent webcam (because even with good lighting my webcam sucks ass).

In addition, I've finally made a move that will give me an hour plus to my days when I do work.  In addition to  moving to a first shift schedule, I'm now (and currently as I write this) working at home.  Since I already had the computer, and the internet, and since moving to first shift meant I could get child care in town rather that having to drive halfway to work anyway to get them babysat, it was a great opportunity to switch from going into an office to sitting in my home office/bedroom/library and being able to take calls naked.

Kidding on the naked part.  I actually am dressed as though I was at work and at the office.  Because about the time I don't my Internet or my computer will take a shit on me and I'll have to scramble, then determine I have to go into work.  And considering there would be a 20-minute drive in the mix anyway, I don't want to have to add time to that.  

Plus, it's all about psychology.  Physically getting ready for work helps put me into that mindset, even though the minimum mechanics involve walking the 6 or so feet from my bed to my computer, turn it on, and start the programs I need for work. 

And need I mention the benefits of eliminating the 40-mile round trip (and the price of gas), my Internet bill (I get reimbursed), and the miscellaneous costs of food (because I can get snackage from my kitchen which is cheaper).  

And if it's a slow day, I'm at home rather than at work.  I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

No, I'm not going to slip a sock on my cock while on the clock.  I'd probably end up with an hour-long hell call coming in while in mid spank and end up blueballed .  Plus, who wants to answer the phone when they're coming?

But my work-at-home almost didn't happen yesterday.  The reason?  I had my headset wires swapped.  Proof that even we tech heads can fuck up the wiring.  This was even more frustrating than the software problem from the night before (which had me downloading fixes and updates and dicking with the Windows registry (which can lead to killing your computer if you fuck up)), because at least a software glitch doesn't prove I'm an idiot.

Of course, ironically, my biggest problem (especially in meeting women) is that I don't get out of my house enough....

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